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Avatar Oraclefile 22.10.2010, 17:55Time icon
  Hey, good news everybody!
You can find us now on Twitter. By following us there, you will never miss any news, and might even be the first to get informed about downloads, news and special events.

So we will see you on twitter soon!
Have fun with the Stranded Multiplayer
Avatar TheKilledDeath 23.10.2010, 07:20Time icon
  Yeah, 3 out of 7 followers are me :D
Avatar Mrozek 23.10.2010, 09:10Time icon
  Ahohohaoh! Must be first ;D
English, do you speak it motherfu**er?
Avatar Stronglime 23.10.2010, 11:14Time icon
  Aww-i dont have twitter
well,keep up the good work,soldier!
Stranded 2 and arx fatalis lover,love me!
Cheese dipendence %

i cant just waaiiit
ID:8,and proud of it! (o_O)
Avatar Bahma 23.10.2010, 14:36Time icon

Thx for all the work you did!

How can i apply for the internal beta version?
Avatar DEATHSHEAD 23.10.2010, 14:50Time icon
  Maybe you cant read, but let me quote it again lol

We will release an internal beta version tomorrow.

So wait until tomorrow and Oracle will post a Link in the Forum
banana Gelobt sei der Affengott banana
Avatar Mrozek 23.10.2010, 15:22Time icon
  Yeah tomorrow , but he sends twit yesterday so tomorrow is today.

Cool story bro, but you faildo thumbs up bad
English, do you speak it motherfu**er?
Avatar Bahma 23.10.2010, 16:10Time icon
  I understand it like Mrozek ^^
Avatar DEATHSHEAD 23.10.2010, 17:08Time icon
  Under the sweet stands:

vor ungefähr 9 Stunden via web
(means: about 9 hours ago via web)

This is the time he posted the message, so he posted at 8AM on 23 Oct, and this is today.

But maybe ther is a problem with timezones, if you arnt in Germany
banana Gelobt sei der Affengott banana
Avatar Rodrigo X 01.11.2010, 23:40Time icon
  Followed. thumbs up
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I am the 100th user! thumbs up

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