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We Stranded

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Forum > Beta has been released

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Avatar Oraclefile 23.10.2010, 19:25Time icon
  YAY! After months of hard work, we finally managed to get it to work. Please note that there are still a lot bugs, which I didn't have time to fix yet. Please do only apply for Beta, if you want to help us. It ain't going to work well anyways.

I hope you will enjoy it. Don't post bugs about the editor mode yet, as it isn't done very far yet. But now there is a complete english version, which I didn't test too much, so please tell us, if there are any german sentences left.

I do not want to see any topic here about how to become beta tester / get the newest beta. Those are strictly forbidden, will be deleted without any comment and might result in a punishment.
Thank you!

You can apply on the left side or by clicking here
Have fun with the Stranded Multiplayer
Avatar hello5252 23.10.2010, 20:24Time icon
  i hope the beta will work well. thanks for your hard work. without you. Stranded 2 multilayer will be a myth.
btw tnx 4 you my friend thumbs up
Avatar Admirdee 23.10.2010, 21:23Time icon
  I can't wait :(
Avatar emikes 24.10.2010, 03:31Time icon
  Wow The beta... Must of took long to make. GOOD JOB ON STRANDED 2 MULTIPLAYER thumbs up
Avatar Stronglime 24.10.2010, 14:08Time icon
User not sure my apply has been send,so tell me if i just send a blank page :P
Stranded 2 and arx fatalis lover,love me!
Cheese dipendence %

i cant just waaiiit
ID:8,and proud of it! (o_O)
Avatar Benata 25.10.2010, 21:43Time icon
  Hurr, I have no eyes ...
Avatar Chainboy23 27.10.2010, 06:12Time icon
  *This post is censored*
Avatar DannyDeth 29.10.2010, 14:41Time icon
  Today, i said to myself "Imma go check out see if they have made progress."

And jeez when i saw "Beta Released" i nearly crapped my pants! You guys are going down in the Stranded 2 history books ( among mostly mods, models, maps ). You rock! 999999999999999 *'s! thumbs up
Avatar XManXHunterX 01.11.2010, 07:00Time icon
  i try this with my friend and it was a dream come true was amazing!! i can belive is beta but my friend ask for something ..he wants to see animals and shop(pirate/tiki/etc) we try to connect in a ramdon island but is like no one of us have a model like we are ghost i dont know

well if you can put some animals and butterflys, etc this mod would be perfect!!

btw good job thumbs up
Avatar Rodrigo X 01.11.2010, 23:57Time icon
  I applied, so wish me good luck. okay
Wheter I am accepete or not, the final product will certainly be great!
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I am the 100th user! thumbs up

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