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We Stranded

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Avatar Oraclefile 05.02.2011, 11:39Time icon
  We are now back after changing the webhoster.

We are still alive, so don't worry. I am currently thinking about how to continue this concept.

Sorry for all the inconvenience!
Have fun with the Stranded Multiplayer
Avatar lol93 05.02.2011, 22:46Time icon
  Hey thanks for keeping this mod alive lol i hope there will be a stable version soon.
Avatar michael 10.02.2011, 13:24Time icon
  yeah, gratz on the new webhost

#2 yea, when are there actuarially a new stable version of stranded MP ?

its freaking awesome THUMBS UP!
Avatar Malak 13.02.2011, 22:05Time icon
  Yay! I'm a new player and thought that work on this mod stopped, I'm glad to see that you're still cracking at it, hurray! thumbs up
Avatar THEGAME 17.02.2011, 17:42Time icon
  yay.. i guess.. or.. yea.. epic lol
Avatar Lukasas1 19.02.2011, 17:04Time icon
  Hey, i want to ask when stranded II multiplayer will be completed ? i canÅ¥ wait longer :D
Avatar lol93 20.02.2011, 14:02Time icon
  i dont know the whole story but he is working on another beta and he just wanne realease a stable version.
Avatar Oopyuman 23.02.2011, 12:21Time icon
  Is there a "approximation" of the date when you are going to finish? lol
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Avatar lol93 23.02.2011, 17:51Time icon
  he isnt aswering any questions D: i hope he dont give up on this assume mod

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