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Avatar Oraclefile 19.03.2011, 19:16Time icon
  I've uploaded the current Version for both, german and english ppl.
In this version you won't need any additional program anymore.

Have fun with it!
Have fun with the Stranded Multiplayer
Avatar lol93 19.03.2011, 23:18Time icon
  hey thx for at least saying someting i almost tought u let the mod die.....plz talk more in the futrure :).
Avatar Stronglime 20.03.2011, 11:10Time icon
  Sorry,but i cant find the link.any help guys?
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i cant just waaiiit
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Avatar Dasmatarix 20.03.2011, 12:06Time icon
  This works much better than the beta TY TY TY SO MUCH!

Btw the link is just on the about page, under unstable release right at the bottom.
Avatar lev258 20.03.2011, 13:58Time icon
  Thank you for this good game!!! Thank you all, who have worked hard for the release!
Avatar Chainboy23 21.03.2011, 03:47Time icon
  so where did you exactly upload it? lol
where's the link lol
Avatar Admirdee 21.03.2011, 10:30Time icon
  Thanks Oracle!
Avatar Oraclefile 21.03.2011, 12:02Time icon
  You can download it here
Have fun with the Stranded Multiplayer
Avatar Oopyuman 22.03.2011, 20:16Time icon
  Yahay :D
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Avatar aasjkdl 30.03.2011, 02:46Time icon
  The game dont come with multiplayer maps?

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