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We Stranded

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Forum > I see my friend server, but I cant enter on it.

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Avatar Kichler 12.06.2011, 22:40Time icon
  (I'm Brazillian, sorry for my bad english)

I am trying to play stranded 2 multiplayer with my friend, me or he create the server, the other found, but we can't click on the server to enter on it.

Help! bad

Can anyone create a tutorial to teach me how to enter on a online server?

(We use Hamachi).

Avatar xxSamxx 13.06.2011, 22:39Time icon
  maybe restart stranded of hoster.
Avatar Kichler 14.06.2011, 02:28Time icon
  I will give to you guys an example of the problem:

The A create a server
B go to multiplayer, and the server appears, but he can't just click on it to enter.

In the part of the options, before I create the server, I mark the (only local) because we use hamachi, and the server only appears on the LAN, not Internet.

In this version of stranded 2 multiplayer, we have another way to play which dont use hamachi?

Avatar xxSamxx 14.06.2011, 12:27Time icon
  I know the problem. However I solve it, when i restart stranded of the hoster.

But i played locally over lan-network. Nevertheless the problem (bug) exists.
Avatar Kichler 14.06.2011, 21:17Time icon
  Ok, I will try it

Thanks anyway! lol

Ah, I also have a second problem (-.-), in Stranded 2 Multiplayer after enter, passed some seconds or minutes, my game close and appears the error:

Memory Access Violation

I think is a RAM problem, but Im not sure, and if someone know how to solve this problem, I would be very grateful hehehe

This second problem only appears on Stranded 2 Multiplayer, not the original one.

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