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Avatar t.zoli 10.08.2011, 10:27Time icon
I can't turn off the Motion Blur and the light effects.It seems like turned of but only in the options menu...
In the game still remaining...
Avatar ccrock 4t 15.08.2011, 19:30Time icon
  I am having this same problem! It's ridiculous. Anytime my mouse moves horizontally the whole game gets blurry, even with motion blur turned off.
Avatar DieDae 16.10.2011, 22:04Time icon
  This problem makes the game absolutly UN-playable. irritating as hell.
Avatar Vlad Emilian 17.10.2011, 08:08Time icon
  i know how to turn of that montion blur
in settings at grafics there is a setting name "water details"
put it to minimal and it should work
hope it helps thumbs up
did it works????
bad bad bad bad
Avatar cmbegue 24.02.2012, 02:38Time icon
  I have the same issue, even with all settings at minimum, it still does it, though it does do it less often.
Avatar wan27123 29.07.2012, 06:40Time icon
  help me i try to play multiplayer and it asy memory acress error plz help
Avatar Jan25051 27.10.2012, 20:15Time icon
  How do you try to play multiplayer?
Bitte einmal klicken.
Würd mich drüber freuen thumbs up lol
Avatar Tycho 17.04.2013, 03:51Time icon
  I've had this bug before too, no idea why though.

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