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Avatar Bahma 09.06.2012, 16:10Time icon
  I write in this post everything that is necessary to know about modding the Multiplayer Version.

The function player(); returns the number of the player which triggered the script.
You may need this function for store, freestored, freespace, gotstate and many other functions. Make sure you only use it for functions which should receive a player id.
You do NOT need it for gotstate("unit",$eater,"tame"), because in this case the animal which eats the meat get affected by the gotstate function.

The Function alteritem doesn't work anymore in the multiplayer version, instead of it you can use the following script:

store $id,"unit",$player;
freestored "unit",$player,$selfid,1;

$item is the ID of the newly created item.This ID was also passed to the alteritem function in the past. $selfid is the id of the object which gets removed. It is the ID of the item in which the script was written.

If I forgot something I will add it to this post.
Avatar Hurri04 10.06.2012, 00:54Time icon
  I suggest you better write this in german and leave the translation to someone else because I don't think your english is very good.
no offense.
it's just that your sentences sound like you (almost) translated everything word by word.
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Avatar Bahma 11.06.2012, 11:29Time icon
  Sorry, about that, but I wrote it in a bit of a hurry.
I changed a lot of it and I hope it is now better understandable. lol
Avatar adriel0000 13.06.2012, 19:28Time icon
  Actually, I have no idea how to do what you want, I can not help :(

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